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Good start for Simon and Fanny

Simon Pettersson started his outdoor season today with a little throwing meet in Växjö, Sweden. The conditions were good in relation to the wind but it was very cold. Simon was struggling with the timing in the throw and was not happy with his feeling. Still he managed to throw one far throw that landed on 62.24m that is actually his second best ever. So, nothing to complain about as it was the first meet and the timing little off. Simons’s PB since last summer is 63.10m.

Fanny Roos that does not really train discus, she has thrown three sessions since last summer as her main event is of course shot put. Well, Fanny threw 51.28m that is about one meter away from her PB.

The cover picture is of Simon and Fanny together with Gustav Liberg that threw a huge PB of 57.45m, congratulations to him.



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