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"How to Become an Olympic Champion" is a video series by coach Vésteinn Hafsteinsson on example of Discus Throw legend Gerd Kanter. The first video series puts focus on Olympic Lifting for Throwers. Click here for more info.


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World Class Lectures in the Throwing Events

Global Throwing has organised international throwing conferences for some years now and we have recorded the highlights of it. Most of the lectures are by GT coach Vésteinn Hafsteinsson but also from our very good friends Dale Stevenson, Wilko Schaa and Shaun Pickering.

GT Educational platform offers a combination of lecture sessions and practical skills development on the track and in the weight room. Our programmes are ideal for throwing coaches and athletes at all competitive levels. Easy step-by-step explanations from one of the best discus throw and shot put coaches in the world. All lectures will open up on CoachTube and can be bought there. CoachTube system includes convinient streaming options and a lifetime access.

LECTURES by Vésteinn Hafsteinsson
Duration 1.41:07 Duration 1.35:47 Duration 1.27:47
Price $39.0 Price $39.0 Price $39.0
ELITE DISCUS Practical throwing session with Daniel Ståhl, Simon Pettersson and Jakob Gardenkans. ELITE DISCUS Practical lifting session with Daniel Ståhl, Simon Pettersson, Jakob Gardenkans and Fanny Roos ELITE DISCUS Technical Theory. The comphrehensive overview of the discus technical model on top level
Duration 1.35:09 Duration 58:08 Duration 1.17:31
Price $39.0 Price $39.0 Price $39.0
ELITE DISCUS Planning of Training on example of Olympic Champion Gerd Kanter and World Champion Daniel Ståhl. ELITE ROTATIONAL SHOT PUT Practical Throwing Session with Fanny Roos. Technical basics of the throw demontrated in a session. ELITE ROTATIONAL SHOT PUT Technical Theory. Technical analysis of rotational shot put from the top level.
Duration 3.25:02 23 different analysis  Duration 1.31:50
Price $129.0 Price $34.9 Price FREE
“How to Become an Olympic Champion” - Olympic Lifting for Throwers. Lecture series on example of Olympic Champion Gerd Kanter. A Collection of Discus Throw and Shot Put Analysis. Simple real-life case studies from our athletes, step-by-step guide for discus and shot put technical models. FREE webinar: Daniel Ståhl 72.95m throw analysis.  Webinar was held in cooperation with website.
LECTURES by Dale Stevenson
Duration 1.28:43 Duration 0.56:49 Duration 1.14:27
Price $39.0 Price $39.0 Price $39.0
ELITE ROTATIONAL SHOT PUT Technical Training of Tom Walsh. Specifics of his training, key aspects of the rotational shot put, drills and exercises. ELITE ROTATIONAL SHOT PUT Strength Training of Tom Walsh. Practical session by Dale. Exercises are demonstrated by Fransicso Belo. ELITE ROTATIONAL SHOT PUT Planning of Training for Tom Walsh. Planning, approach and insight how they build up their season.
LECTURES by Wilko Schaa
Duration 0.47:02 Duration 0.45:14 Duration 0.50:50
Price $34.0 Price $34.0 Price $34.0
ELITE GLIDE SHOT PUT Practical Throwing Session with David Storl. Basic technical exercises, Push-Off and Transition preparation, specific development. ELITE GLIDE SHOT PUT Practical Strength Session with David Storl. Specific exercises for the glide technique demonstrated by David.

ELITE GLIDE SHOT PUT Glide Technique of David Storl. Glide technique in 4 simple steps - push off, transition, power position and delivery.

Duration 0.34:18    
ELITE GLIDE SHOT PUT Planning of Training for David Storl. How they plan the annual training structure?    
Duration 1.08:34 Duration 1.02:23  
Price $39.0 Price $19.0  
Doha 2019 Men Shot Put Final, analysis and thoughts by Shaun Pickering and Dale Stevenson. Insight info + analysis of top 3 guys in a frame-by-frame comparison. Shot Put Statistics & Biomechanics (London `17 and Birmingham `18) by Shaun Pickering. Men Shot Put biomechanic projects - simple overview with comments.  


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World class lectures in throwing events! More info here.

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