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"How to Become an Olympic Champion" is a video series by coach Vésteinn Hafsteinsson on example of Discus Throw legend Gerd Kanter. The first video series puts focus on Olympic Lifting for Throwers. Click here for more info.


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Key Elements of Shot Put Technique Using Example of Joachim B. Olsen

Vésteinn Hafsteinsson lecturing at the Estonian Athletic Association throwing seminar.
23rd of November 2012 in Saaremaa, Estonia

Joachim Olsen throw of 21.63m split into 7 keyframes. Competition held in season 2002, Tallinn, Estonia. This result still stands strong as a Danish record.


 • Find your comfortable stance, balanced
 • Feet Shoulder width apart, wide, weight centred
 • Legs slightly bent, centre of gravity back as in squats
 • Trunk slightly forwards, your own feel
 • Left arm stretched straight forward, relaxed
 • Shoulders are levelled at all times
 • No Pre-Wind is used, (not really right)
 • Feet fixed, with very strong hips, no breaking
 • Backwards feeling


 • Static Start , first movement, turning of Left Foot
 • Turn with inside of the foot, open it up with low heel
 • A shift to Left is required with the whole body
 • Right foot stays fixed and pushes then straight out
 • This creates the reverse V position, hip strong
 • Go around the left shoulder axis, heel, hip, shoulder relationship
 • When right leg comes off ground, then open right thigh, high
 • When this happens, very strong left hip
 • Also total balance on left when the drop comes


 • Attacking position, balance on left, right wide, shoulders level
 • Thrust left hip forward
 • Step down with left knee, go deep
 • Sweep right leg wide with inside of thigh
 • Head follows shoulders
 • Focal point
 • Push off left foot, then it moves quickly to the front
 • Get a natural reaction of left arm, relaxed, low
 • Stay vertical, little forwards
 • Hip forward in front of the shot


 • The WRAP: When about right leg lands and until left leg comes down in the power position
 • Left foot lands open, right foot on the ball of the foot
 • Reverse V
 • In this Power Position - Maximize Separation
 • Reach back against throw for Torque
 • Left arm should be away from the body, relaxed
 • Reaching Back creates stretch reflex
 • Hip is strong, shot is behind it
 • Deep


 • From Power Position, release should be automatic
 • Open up left arm high
 • Right foot, knee, hip drives forwards/up against fixed left leg
 • Turn into the push
 • Hit the brick wall with the left side
 • Extend up with both legs
 • Fight the reverse, CORK SCREW, land with heel on left after reversing
 • Stay tall

Drills for Shot Put

 • Throwing school, routine
 • Standing throw, NR, R
 • Step and Turn, NR, R
 • Walk and Turn, 360º
 • 90º, 180º, 360º Turns
 • 360º Turn and Go
 • Turn and Push, forward
 • Full Turn with focal point and left arm
 • P. Tschiene Drill

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